A new disease

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I didn’t wanna grow
She didn’t wanna stay
It’s making us so strange
The feelings drift away

I don’t belong to this
You shouldn’t have to care
I get up for a drink
For friends and my routine

And now I am flying high
And I don’t need to try
I sleep among the clouds
It’s restless but it’s safe

Without all those faulty dreams
Got out from the plans they ‘ve made
I hold what I found in me
Airbourne is what I wanna be

Airbourne, No regrets for leaving home
Airbourne, No more doing what I’m told
Airbourne, All my hopes are now fulfilled

Now the rules have changed my mind
These four walls will keep some lies

I am just a singer with a bad taste in my tongue
What am I doing here?
Is it simple? Is it difficult? I am gonna try it.
Cause I am feeling airbourne
Am I?


1. Airbourne

Not you

We don’t need people
We‘re all alone
If you hear us we are free

We don’t need preachers
We’re all alone
If you hear them we are free

Not you (x4)

We don’t need people
We‘re all alone
If you hear us we are free

We don’t need creatures
We’re all alone
If you hear them we are free

Not you (x3)

So won’t you stay here?
Won’t you leave me alone?
Won’t you tell me your secrets?
And it’s you
That’s the truth!


2. Not You


Can you feel the rain?
Far beyond that train
People go away
To another play

All the things they shared
All their nightmares
All them hopes today
They all go away

Dream of life is fake
Drawn in Crystal Lake
On the final dive
Nothing stays alive

All alone and scared
Without those who cared
Cry a silent moan
Now you are on your own

You have gone so far
Back in space and time
To your lover’s smile
To your mother’s hug

Hang on (x4)


3. Moment

Modern Routine

Nice day, it looks like all the others
You’ve worked so many hours now
But you just want to lay down
Inside your empty house
Your room is getting colder
And you are getting older
Without a hug to please you
Without a love

And this is what we have
So colourless and sour
How comfortable is my bed?
So lonely in the end

That day my words could have been braver
I shouldn’t have just left her
Because I thought she wouldn’t care how I felt

Smoking and just watching the trains pass
You realized that years passed
I’ve lost that crazy feeling and now I’m lost

And this is what I’ve got
A house and a car
How brilliant life you’ll have
I hear them say no
That wasn’t what I dreamt
There is no time to run
To catch my train


4. Modern Routine

All done

Dreaming, Dreaming of new life
Hoping, changes soon will come
Walking in an urban jail
Breathing workers dirty air

Waiting for promises to come
Got yourself caught in the trap
They are keeping you dump with fake hopes
Hiding the truth, we’ll never know
Choosing your life is not the plan
Got yourself caught in the trap
They are keeping you dump, you move so slow
Hiding the truth, we’ll never know

Sleeping, but you think you are free
Living, glued to the TV
Waiting till you hear the news
Voting, be once more abused

Waiting for promises to come…

All done, nothing can save you
You are worm now in the new order
All done, crawl in the city
The same every night now
Drink to forget how all is arranged now.
Waiting for promises to come…


5. All Done

The gift

All the signs you have ignored
By lying on your couch so bored
They’ll find their way back to you
Claim everything that’s left of you

Stand up now and hit the streets (x2)
That’s your opportunity
That’s the way that you should be

So wake up from your sleep right on
That life is not a gift

If you want to live your way
Freed from everything they say
That’s your opportunity
That’s your chance to make it real

Get up now and hit the streets (x2)
Now’s the time for you to fight
Now you must reclaim your life

So wake up from your sleep right on
That life is not a gift
If you live by what you stand my friend
It’s gonna be their end


6. The Gift


Coming back after the bars
After the infinite happiness
So lonely, without a soul, as the sound of our heart beats out
And the sound of the cars, seems like a fantasy of mine
It’s me dreaming of a sexual action
I am just myself again
Domestic wastelife is the pain of Knowing
That you’ve nothing to worry about
No pain, no love
Nobody’s ugly now in the perfect dream of human construction
A black cloud fills my white soul

Back from the Bars
No happy at all
Without a soul
No pain, No love


7. Damage

Who (‘s gonna guard the guards)

Who’s gonna guard the guards
Who’s gonna rule the rulers
Who’s gonna judge the judge
Who’s gonna blame the blamers

When threats are getting closer
The truth is getting clearer
Nothing ‘s gonna change until we truly change
We have let them rule us
We have let them guard us
Now we are in a jail you and me have made

Who is gonna drop the bomb
Who are we waiting for
Who is gonna save us all
Who is gonna give us hope

When threats are getting closer…


8. Who

Going away

Breathe the air so deep inside
Changing home from time to time
Away, going away

Hide away from day’s routine
Been exiled inside a dream
Away, going away

Wife and kids you barely stand
Job is worse and where’s the friends
Away, going away

Tired of all, was that your dream?
Have it all but still being sick
Going away (x3)

Hope, regret, repent, release
Change the air, restore your fears
Away, going away

Please, rebirth, beyond, beneath
Life is how you want to be
Away, going away

Choice is yours, and yours are dreams
Leave it now if pain gives away
Going away
Going away from what you hate
Going away from what you’ve made
Away, going away (x3)

Life‘s not a line
Its ups and downs
Don’t fear the change
Going away

There is nothing I feel!


9. Going Away - Sediment Bruise

Created by the WebUnited

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