Sediment Bruise

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12 Feelings in a Can

secret sorrow

solid sorrow

all will wake up till tomorrow

secret sorrow

dirty sorrow

all will sleep down till tomorrow

whiskey shadows

stoned coulours

christmas tree

my christmas horror

yellow holes into the sea

stimulate my fantasy

broken ladies

cake dreams

candy dolls are playing with freaks

all my feelings in a can

are protection from the sun


1. 12 Feelings in a Can
Sediment Bruise  



Another side of you

World pretenders

In the golden cage of youth

Nothing has sense now

The perfect society

In the perfectness of mine

Has been averted

By a stab with a knife

Nothing has sense now

When I’m something

When I’m nothing

When I’m life

And when I’m death

When I’m sorrow

When I’m horror

Would you still be so mess?


Is lying here dead

All that lakes

In my dreams I feel I’m sane

Nothing has sense now

I did asked her

And she told me that I was stupid

I said that I loved her

And she called me stupid


2. Paranoia
Sediment Bruise  


Born from a dead star

Inside a dream so far

With no one there to stay

Condemned to be a lonestar

Reminds me of childhood

The kid outside the playroom

He always stayed there alone

And no one asked him why so

It won’t help to rescue him

Now it’s late to bring him in

We had never thought of it

No one cares if someone’s hit

Everybody look their own

No one knows the word alone

But when we grew we find it out

It’s the worst place anyone can be in

Now the lonestars seem to rise

Far beyond the pearl blue skies

They’re increasing everyday

Traveling their lonely way

Kids get old and time goes by

Thing don’t change, don’t even try

It won’t help to rescue him

Loving him, it’s late for us to say

Oh! Oh!


3. Lonestar
Sediment Bruise  

My Left Side

My left side is my curse

Always sick and always bruised

I got no time to find excuse

My left side is my curse

My left side a heart that bleeds

Full of wounds and full of needs

Makes me difficult to breath

My left side a heart that bleeds

I’m thinking of you with my left side

My brains work slow when I’m tired

I got no hope for my left side

I’m thinking of you with my wretched side

My left hand can’t catch the breeze

That flows out beyond the trees

My left foot does walk in pain

My left side has gone insane


4. My Left Side
Sediment Bruise  

No Communication

Chasing clouds at the bus stop

Trying to keep my faith alive

Happiness in tones of laptop

Dreams come true in this town

R: And heaven can wait for her children

Cars and bones and the same girls

Pressure keeps the hearts alive

Mistakes are crashing with our suns

Oh! What a nice photograph

R: I wish it was real for one time

I wish we were close for one time

Talking to mirrors

Looking for perfects

Oh no, we’ve lost it all

We’ve lost communication


5. No Communication
Sediment Bruise  

Generation Nothing

Girls who feel like boys

They are fucking with no choice, yeah!

Boys who feel like toys

Been uncertain for their voice, yeah!

Couples feel like strangers

Because nothing is for certain, yeah!

Youth who feel like died

They are going out to buy life!

R: And I thought we had enough

But times are getting really rough

Lost the revolution

Only fuck is the solution, yeah!

Nothing wise to say

Because everything is paid, yeah!

Buying empty clothes

To regain their sexuality again

Generation nothing

Standing watching television dead


6. Generation Nothing
Sediment Bruise  


Until the perfect shine

Untill a call divine

They reign

This is the last empire

Some lost with broken pride


They used to cleanse their lives

With ignorance and lies


But now they feel so sure

After this downpour

They’ll die

And rain cracks their mines

Like justice from the skies

They feel this plague’s the last

“in God we always trust”

with lust

but now the time has come

for killers to explain

the pain


7. Downpour
Sediment Bruise  

Autumn Leaves

Will it matter to say

That I’m enslaved

By her eyes, Secret lies

Is the sky the blood

Of her heart

Or the leaves, Fallen waves

Some bloody red tears

Draw your fears

So tonight, a dream so white

Angels passing with hands

Wings are dead

Wedding’s end, Lights are dead


8. Autumn Leaves
Sediment Bruise  


Oh! Lay me down

Oh! To the ground

Oh! Hear that sound

Oh! Cry out loud


Make me feel the sound

Going down from sky

Make me leave the ground

Sing my lullaby

You don’t need to call your friends

And all the crew to make amends

You don’t need to fall from grace

Or to find another place

It’s the time to hear the voice

That’s coming out beyond of choice

Draws the earth and fill the sky

On this endless lullaby


9. Lullaby
Sediment Bruise  

Falling Loudly

You were my first shade

You kicked me outside

You were my first love

You kicked me outside

And now,

Now I see you falling,

Falling loudly

Like a perfect circle

In the shadow of the moon

And now,

Now I’m trying to find

The autumn bodies

Into the sound of the airplanes

All I need is love

All I need is faith

All I feel is nothing

But pain in my way


10. Falling Loudly
Sediment Bruise  

The Girl with the gun in her Hand

Any time she likes to play

She’s gonna find a chase male

Anything she likes to say

She’s gonna kill you anyway

Any feeling has no place

Behind this perfect face

Any place she likes to be

There is a  rich man everywhere

Bridge: Nananananana

You’re gonna listen about it

You’re going to not live without it

You’re going to feel how her touch is

She’s the star of feminism

She doesn’t know what love is

She just tries to take revenge

For all the bad that man brings

But in the end seems to forget

That it needs two to make it well

However sharp she tries to be

She’s still awake alone in bed


R: She’s getting so convenient

While she just wants to play

You have no choice but to fall in

Yeah get on, Yeah get on, Yeah get on

You have no choice but to fall in


11. The Girl with the Gun in her Hand
Sediment Bruise  


Dead peackock stands

Warped beauty

Untouched flying

Bitter martin

R: You’ re blind

I don’t wanna listen

Can’t feel much protection

I don’t wanna listen

Want my isolation

So give it away

Hurting me you ‘ll never see


12. Egoism
Sediment Bruise  

Created by the WebUnited

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