Sediment Bruise live in Athens

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In the hottest day of the summer, with the temperature reaching 40 degrees, Sediment Bruise’s live appearance at the Athens famous venue “6 D.O.G.S.”, was the only way to refresh yourself if you choose to actually stay in town. Despite the fact that the city of Athens was almost empty of people because of the weekend, the place of the gig was crowded and the fans cheerful.

The playlist of the band included a lot of new songs, soon to be recorded in a forthcoming album of Sediment Bruise, along with a few songs from the band’s debut album. The fans enjoyed the playlist’s atmospheric mood, very typical of Sediment Bruise, and cheered the band in an outstanding performance.

A promise was made between the crowd and the band, that they will meet again in the official Athens presentation of the forthcoming album of Sediment Bruise.

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