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It all begun in Thessaloniki, Greece, when Nick and Mikelantzelo Nikolaidis decided to form a band along with Nick’s classmate and, currently, singer of the band Vag Mood, in order to express their music style and influence.

Vag Mood(vocals), Mikelantzelo Nikolaidis(keyboards,vocals,guitars), Nick Nikolaidis(guitars), Panos Giannoudis(bass), George Moukos(drums) and Sotiris Fotinitsoglou(violin), joined their talents and passion for music under the formation of an indie, post-rock band.

The band was named “Sediment Bruise” after Nick, the main lyricist and guitarist of the band, who at that time was obsessed with surreal poetry. However, in a metaphor, Sediment Bruise means “the remains of a tragic event in a man’s soul”.

The band’s sounds are strongly influenced by the musicians’ favorite bands and differ from one band member to another. As a result, the influences of the band cover a wide range of musical styles. Some of their influences are Radiohead, Deus, Massive Attack, Sigur Ros, Royksopp, Tool and Arcade Fire.

Their debut album, consisting of 12 tracks, was released in 2007, by Plus Records/ Universal. To promote their debut, Sediment Bruise gave many live performances in famous venues in Greece and in the UK, always supported by their fan base. They also have a lot of TV appearances on national broadcast.

Sediment Bruise’s 2nd studio album “A new disease”, was produced by the famous British music producer Clive Martin, who since the 80s has worked with artists that left their mark on the international music scene, such as, Visage, Marc & The Mambas, Hunters & Collectors, Huxton Creepers, Echobelly, Reef, Puressence, A, Stereophonics, Les Negreses Vertes, Youssou N’Dour, Gipsy Kings and other. Acting as the 7th member of the band, Clive Martin marked the band’s sound with his unique stamp, delivering an excellent artistic outcome. All 9 tracks of “A new disease” are based on a dynamic rhythm section that harmonically combines the atmosphere of post-rock melodies with the sound of violin and the urban aesthetic of the vocals. The album was released on April, 2016, by Music Kitchen.

After the successful cooperation in the production of “A new disease”, both parties decided to continue working together! As a result, Clive Martin is currently producing Sediment Bruise’s 3rd studio album!

These days, Sediment Bruise are planning a promo-tour for their forthcoming album, which is expected to be released in May, 2018.

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